Join Our Loyalty Program Today

Join Our Loyalty Program Today

Earn points toward your laundry services

It pays to use our laundry services on a regular basis. Boise Express Laundry Center offers a loyalty card program at our laundromat in Boise, ID. Each time you use our laundromat, you’ll earn points you can use on your next load of laundry.

Visit Boise Express Laundry Center today to start using a loyalty card at our laundromat in Boise, ID.

Our app will make your visit easier

Boise Express Laundry Center has an app called SpyderWash. Available in the Apple and Google Play stores, the app will:

  • Notify you when your washer or dryer load is done
  • Tell you how many machines are available
  • Allow you to pay for your laundry services

You can also keep an eye on your loyalty program card to see how much credit you have. Call (208) 391-5303 today to learn more about our laundromat app in Boise, ID.